The gray whale and its arrivals to Puerto Vallarta

Gray Whale in islas marietas

Gray Whale come from the family of “cetaceans”, whose species including whales, dolphins and porpoises. In particular line of whales it is divided into two Baleen whales (whales, humpback whales and gray whales) and gear (sperm whales, killer whales, beaked whales, narwhals, dolphins and porpoises).

In Mexico we visit the blue whales, gray whales, dolphins and sperm whales; particularly to Puerto Vallarta from December begins the arrival of the gray whale. These whales take up to three months from its journey from the icy waters of the Arctic to Puerto Vallarta, where the route is about 20 000 km, for the sole purpose of mating.

The reason mating in tropical waters is due to the warm waters, and the waters of Puerto Vallarta are tropical. When mating season comes around they make their yearly trip towards the center of the equator (to tropical environments) where the temperature is warmer and they can mate and bare offspring.

The Whale Watching season starts when this mammals arrive to Puerto Vallarta and ends in middle of march. When they departure because feeding season starts; they can often be found swimming near the upper and lower hemispheres gathering food. In the zone of Banderas Bay, there is a lot of companies selling this tours (Whale Watching), it is a excellent experience and opportunity to see these creatures swimming around your boat.

Also this year some killer whales appeared in the zone, they just were surrounding some boats, that is an alert to the authorities, because is the first time they are here and probably is because the climate change.

Nevertheless the ocean ecosystem in Puerto Vallarta is one of the most beautiful in Mexico.

As for not less mentioned but equally important the dolphins, they are always tropical waters, therefore they are always round in Puerto Vallarta, but this issue will have its special section.

Nov 15, 2019 - Fri
Puerto Vallarta, MX
broken clouds
82°F broken clouds
Wind 5 mph, WSW
Humidity 74%
Pressure 759.81 mmHg
Day Cond. Temp. Wind Humidity PressurePres.
sat nov 16
moderate rain
72/57°F 2 mph, WSW 66% 760.56 mmHg
sun nov 17
moderate rain
70/60°F 4 mph, SSW 59% 760.56 mmHg
mon nov 18
light rain
76/60°F 4 mph, NNW 53% 759.06 mmHg
tue nov 19
light rain
77/59°F 4 mph, NW 50% 759.06 mmHg
wed nov 20
moderate rain
75/60°F 4 mph, WNW 55% 759.81 mmHg

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