Manzanillo  – Sailfish Capital of the World.

 Manzanillo, Mexico, is located in the State of Colima, Pacific Dorado Mexican. Considered the most important port of height and known worldwide as the Sailfish Capital of the World, Manzanillo is located on the route of shipping lines in the Far East, North, Central and South America.
Manzanillo has a unique and distinguished cuisine; it has varied dishes of all flavors and tastes. The basis of its main dishes are seafood because it is a tourist beach destination. In this bay you can enjoy delicious dishes of different styles, such as the Mexican and regional cuisine. Also, for people who want to eat other foods, you may find many restaurants offering international cuisine, among which the Italian, French and Spanish.
Manzanillo Bay consists of Las Ventanas, Las Coloradas, El Viejo, San Pedrito, Las Brisas, Playa Azul, Salahua, Las Hadas and La Escondida beaches, also has the Malecon Center, the prosecutor dock and inner harbor. Santiago Bay hosts the beaches like La Audiencia, Santiago, Olas Altas, Miramar and La Boquita.
 The diverse landscapes surrounding Manzanillo offer numerous opportunities for adventure sports enthusiasts. Ecotourism spiced with some adrenaline is what defines the main activity of Manzanillo and service providers in the area will ensure a good time for emotion in the beautiful landscapes that surround this destination. Let a guide accompany you to discover the fascinating corners of this Colima destination. It will be very easy to contact any of them from your hotel.
The waters of the El Salto waterfall, located in the Biosphere Reserve of Manantlán, rush to over 30 meters. The waterfall is formed with the merger of Minatitlan and Marabasco rivers. Swim in the pools that form at the base of the waterfall is a favorite visitor activities, in addition to stroll around. Other options for the more adventurous is canyoning, mountain biking, hiking and rappelling.

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