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Puerto Vallarta Airport (PVR)

Puerto Vallarta Airport History

The Puerto Vallarta International Airport was inaugurated on November 11, 1954.

Puerto Vallarta Internation Airport PVR
Puerto Vallarta Aiport PVR

It is now a well recognized & well connected with the most important airports in North America and can easily find direct flights from cities such as Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal, Calgary and Edmonton.

What is offering inside?

The main level of PVR Airport offers small shops and food establishments, a post office, banks, money exchange where you can exchange currency at the best price and souvenir stands. Here you can also confirm your flight, buy tickets and check luggage.

Duty Free at Puerto Vallarta Airport
Duty Free at Puerto Vallarta International Airport

The second level offers food, souvenir/gift shops (prices in this area are better than after the security review).

 Once you passed the security check you enter a hallway with duty-free shops, restaurants, bars and cafes then you arrive to a waiting room with armchairs in which you can relax while waiting for your flight!

How to locate your transportation outside the PVR Airport?

Puerto Vallarta Aiport Map
Puerto Vallarta Airport Map (PVR Arrival Map)

When arriving to the airport  you will encounter with determined opc’s (tourism trap) and many other sellers trying to lead you in on your way out, make no mistake and kindly refuse their offers and keep walking until you have reached the exit.

How to eat cheap at the PVR Airport?

If you are trying to save a couple bucks and at the same time want to enjoy a quick good meal? Luckily for you, you can stop by at Pollo Feliz or Tacón de Marlin where you can satisy said needs.

They’re located just across the airport, you can use the bridge to cross the road safely.

How is high season at Puerto Vallarta Airport?

In high season the airport is very much packed which makes it almost impossible to get a taxi, therefor we highly recommend booking a private transfer service for better commodity, hygiene, security and experience for you and your family & friends!

Plus we will be waiting for you while holding a sign with your name on it right outside the glass doors! We are the best transportation in Puerto Vallarta. You don’t need to make lines, and wasting your vacations time.

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Gay Tourism in Puerto Vallarta

Pink Tourism in Puerto Vallarta

Pink Tourism Puerto Vallarta alternatives.

Gay Boat

Gay party in a private yacht

The Pink Tourism is made by the gay and lesbian segment, which is a group with high economic benefits for tourism, as it is used to be luxuries and constant travel. However, the gay tourism segment is small.

Par excellence, Puerto Vallarta is one of the preferred destinations for the gay community in the world, for events such as gay weddings, parties, bachelor parties, birthdays, etc.

Pink has started to excel tourism in recent years, in various parts of the world, the gay and lesbian tourism began to have growth, with deals offered by hotels directed to the pink market.

Gay March in Puerto Vallarta

Gay March in Puerto Vallarta during Pride

Tourism has evolved as the year’s pass, an example of a new tourist type which is pink tourism many researchers have spoken from the perspective of the social sciences.

Research on homosexuality in the United States arises in the context of political movements and counterculture of the late 1960s and early 1970s, the time when a trend toward social analysis oriented to the construction of identity and citizenship is emerging.

According to the International Gay & Lesbian Travel Association (IGLTA), the main countries outside Europe Recommended for gay tourism are Mexico, Costa Rica, Brazil, Cuba, and Argentina. The economic benefit that leaves this sector worldwide is 700 billion dollars. Gay tourism is projected as a niche with great economic potential in itself the most important market for many industries.

In Puerto Vallarta and Riviera Nayarit, there are a lot of options for gay tourism, like spiritual gay weddings, gay exclusive activities (parties, bars, clubs, and discos). Also in Romantic Zone at the Puerto Vallarta downtown are many gay-friendly hotels.

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Humpback Whale in islas marietas

The Humpback Whale and their arrivals to Puerto Vallarta

Humpback Whale comes from the family of “cetaceans”, whose species including whales, dolphins, and porpoises. In the particular line of whales it is divided into two Baleen whales (whales, humpback whales, and gray whales) and gear (sperm whales, killer whales, beaked whales, narwhals, dolphins, and porpoises).

In Mexico, we visit the blue whales, gray whales, dolphins, and sperm whales; particularly to Puerto Vallarta from December begins the arrival of the gray whale. These whales take up to three months from their journey from the icy waters of the Arctic to Puerto Vallarta, where the route is about 20 000 km, for the sole purpose of mating.

The reason mating in tropical waters is due to the warm waters, and the waters of Puerto Vallarta are tropical. When mating season comes around they make their yearly trip towards the center of the equator (to tropical environments) where the temperature is warmer and they can mate and bare offspring.

The Whale Watching season starts when these mammals arrive to Puerto Vallarta and ends in the middle of March. When they depart because feeding season starts; they can often be found swimming near the upper and lower hemispheres gathering food. In the zone of Banderas Bay, there is a lot of companies selling these tours (Whale Watching), it is an excellent experience and opportunity to see these creatures swimming around your boat.

Also this year some killer whales appeared in the zone, they just were surrounding some boats, that is an alert to the authorities because is the first time they are here and probably is because the climate change.

Nevertheless, the ocean ecosystem in Puerto Vallarta is one of the most beautiful in Mexico.

As for not less mentioned but equally important the dolphins, they are always tropical waters, therefore they are always round in Puerto Vallarta, but this issue will have its special section.

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